Antivirus Notification

Due to the way that Printer Installer functions, antivirus software heuristics may flag it as malware. This is a false positive, as Printer Installer does not contain any trojans, viruses, or other malware. When this happens, it is not the antivirus manufacturer that has marked our software as malware, but it is just the antivirus heuristics for identifying unknown malware based on what it considers to be suspicious behavior. In most cases the false positives occur when Printer Installer is upgraded to a new version that has not yet been explicitly marked as safe by the antivirus manufacturers, and generally an antivirus definitions file update will be released that stops the false positives from occuring until the next update.

All PrinterLogic applications are compiled directly from source on privately controlled servers. The servers have antivirus applications running on them, and have restricted access. The various executables are digitally signed immediately after compiling, and both tasks are done on the same server. There is no opportunity for third parties to interrupt this process or modify our results.

If you would like to completely stop the false positives from occurring, you can exclude the Printer Installer folders from antivirus scans as specified here.