Driver Error when Installing a Printer from the Portal


User is given the error message "Error: Could not create printer - An error occurred installing the required drivers." while attempting to install a printer from the Portal. In the Printer Installer client log a corresponding error is shown that says "-217 Printer did not install correctly. This is most commonly caused by an incompatibility between the driver you specified, and the target operating system."


The Printer Installer client could not install the driver that is specified for the operating system.


  1. Check to see if the driver is unsigned. If it is, replace it with a signed version of the driver.
  2. Upload a new copy of the driver to the Printer Installer database and try again. (Note: Make sure the driver is the correct architecture (32 or 64-bit) for the target OS.)
  3. Remove all printers and drivers, then attempt to install the printer again.
  4. Check the spool directory for missing files. Run Chkdsk to restore any missing files, then attempt to install the printer again.


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